Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little Hana at 5 months


Alhamdulillah Little Hana sudah menjangkau usia 5 bulan nya punnn (ahaks, gaya Acai).. Cik dah mula bagi dia makan sejak peghujung bulan yang ke 4. Menu dia sama je boleyyy ahahaha. Rice flake ... la ni baru cik bubuh carrot and potato sket dalam menu dia . Macam takde masa nak buat padahal fully SAHM..kuikuikui

Little Hana also sangat passion with rolling herself over and over again. Gedebuk-gedebuk bunyinya...Risau juga terhentak ke apa ke kepala dia tu kan. Pantang dibiarkan, maka daripada hujung carpet ke hujung carpet la jawabnya Little Hana nih berguling. She also likes to make sounds like a broken record " krrr krrrr.....krrrr". I think its funny !

A thing that concerns me is her weight..she just abt 6440 grams right now at her 5 months 3 weeks. I dont know why she does not gaining much these few weeks. Was it about the quality of the milk? Or the quantity ? The food? The gene? Hmmm.. Though the doctor said it is still okay for now. However, if her weight is not raising too much in future, yes, it is going to be a PROBLEM...

Little Hana also joined a kids club called SHIMAJIRO which she will receive toys every months. While I will receiving stuff like some books about parenting etc. Last time, I received book of recipes for baby and a book on how to play with baby. Hana got a play mat, Shimajiro which is a tiger toy, 2 play cards and a half birthday card. She got plenty of toys now though she still wants to play with me all the time..This club costs about 1800yen a months for the first 6 months. I joined it because I think it could help me gaining more education about parenting. It is a good reason ( to please sang suami) as Hana is our first child. Since Hana also receiving her pocket money from the Japan government for 13000yen every month , I think I managed the money pretty well ( ahahaha I am so not Becky Brandon@Bloomwood okaayy). The pocket money will end in October because the government is going to use that money for the tsunami and earthquake mangsa. I dont know if I will continue this Shimajiro club after that.

6 months Shimajiro stuff
Kesian has been a week since she got cold. Meleleh-leleh je hanamizu (hingus) iteww...In Japan, they do not charge for the children check up and for the drug. But, I had to pay 50 yen for the drug's bottle ( apedaaa...) Anyway I hope she get well soon . Odaijini dear.

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