Friday, June 3, 2011

It was such a looooongggg time


wah adudududuhhhhh...lama benar aku meninggalkan dunia blog ini ya. It's nearly one year O my Allah....I stopped right after I knew I was pregnant because I was having such a bad morning sickness [it was not just in the morning though]. Now I am here again ready to take the challenge of blogging cececeh and I hope I can continue this time.

I really like to share with you about the life I am having now..its the MOTHERHOOD. So, please keep following me..InsyaAllah we can share many good things and also I would like to learn from my followers too especially about this new world I am entering to.

InsyaAllah I will post more but this is just for now that I am letting you know, I'M BACK!!

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