Friday, June 3, 2011

Once I knew I was expecting..

Alhamdulillah...rasa semangat menulis blog ni harap2 berpanjangan la ye. This time I want to share about my experience when I was pregnant in Japan. Oh before that, let me introduce my beloved junior Little Hana. She is now nearly 5 months old.

Little Hana

After went to a doctor to confirm my pregnancy, in Japan, we are suppose to go to the pejabat daerah nearly to our house. I dont know if we have to do the same in Malaysia. Tujuan ke sana is untuk mendapatkn 母子手帳 [ boushitecyou] which means Maternal and Child Health Book. 

This book is given to you once you knew you are pregnant and it is free. It is for recording everything about si ibu mengandung everytime check up and also about the child since she was born sampaila umur die 7 thn nanti regarding health and development. So everything about Little Hana since she was as small as seed sampai la nak masuk darjah 1 nanti will be recorded in this book.

I just wish there is this kind of book that my mom has to hand me. I imagine myself and Hana sitting on a couch and mengimbas kembali all the memories cececeh sambil menyelak helaian2 in the book. Japan teaches me to manage my baby even before she was born. Everything is being recorded and can be referred to anytime.

Also, I did not just received the boushiteicyou book but every expecting parents received a book of coupon. So most of the time when I went for baby check up I did not have to pay anything because these coupons pay all the bills. This also one way the government helps their citizens. "Pregnancy is not a disease. So you don't have to pay for the treatment you get" was what the pejabat daerah staff told me. This really helped me a lot since at that time my husband did not receive his scholarship yet.

There was also a coupon for the pregnant mothers to have the dental check up. So I can go to any selected dental clinic and just pay 500yen (maybe around rm20) to have my teeth all checked. Without those coupons I can not imagine how much I will spend for all the treatment I get along my pregnancy. 

Please share your story too cause I would love to know!! See you in the next post :)


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  2. buk hanis...huhu tibe2 semangat kembali.terus mensupport ya i like u tooo