Friday, May 7, 2010

Cik Norai the waitress

     I came to Japan in 2006 as an engineering student in Tohoku University. After 4 years, I finally graduated in March 2010. When I was a student, I did a few part-time jobs. I was once a waitress at a Halal restaurant in Sendai called Zamzam. They served Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesh type of food like curries (keema, chicken, mutton, vege) , various type of naan, and what I like the most was their pakora..There were not many halal food restaurants in Sendai. So, this place kinda "ninki ga aru" as the Japanese will say which means quite popular especially among the Muslim.What I love about Zamzam were
  1. I got free dinner and lunch every time I go to work
  2. I make many friends (Japanese,other foreigners and also Malaysians from other prefectures)
  3. Always get served with extra curry, juice or dessert every time I go there even though I was no longer their worker 
  4. Ou I remember something..I was captured in one shot for their commercial on the tv. How cool was that??
There were many sweet memories between me and Zamzam. Sadly, I had to quit after about few months working there as I was getting so busy with the classes in the university. This was happened 3 years ago and I'm not sure why I shared this story here. Maybe because I missed my Zamzam family (yes ,they treat me like one too). 

I am sure to visit Zamzam again whenever I come to Sendai..insyaAllah

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